Perspective: A WIS Editorial - Blowfish Home

Well, the deal is done. We're trading in our Blowfish ballpark for a Walmart.  Columbia City Council has decided to sell Capital City Stadium, home of the Blowfish, to commercial developers who plan to build a shopping center on the site.  There's still some gnashing of teeth about potential flooding dangers due to this development, but lost in all that uproar is the nagging question…what happens to the Blowfish?

This little stadium didn't host the biggest audiences, but it sure did generate a lot of cherished memories over the years. Before the Blowfish, many folks have fond recollections of summer evenings enjoying the Bombers or the Inferno play ball while eating popcorn or a grilled pretzel. Heck, we even heard from a guy who had a summer job as The Bomber Mouse.  The place became somewhat of a landmark in this town.

Blowfish owner Bill Shanahan may be down, but he ain't out.  He's shopping for a relocation site for his team…unfortunately it looks like that may be on the other side of the river as he hasn't found a suitable site in Richland County.

I guess that's the price we pay for progress, but  I'm reminded of Joni Mitchell's words, "Don't it always seem to be we don't know what we've got til it's gone…pave paradise and put up a parking lot."

That's my perspective. What's yours?