Perspective: A WIS Editorial - Haley Ethics Probe

What normally passes as sleepy committee work, now challenges SC House Ethics committee  members with hefty investigative responsibilities under a glaring media spotlight.  The committee members are charged with determining whether or not Governor Haley inappropriately lobbied while she was a house representative, broke any laws and should be fined or publicly reprimanded.

This is heady stuff and very politically charged.  All Ethics committee members, Republican and Democrat alike,  have pledged to act without political bias, but some question whether or not they are in over their heads.  This inquiry mandates interpretation of state law and there's only one lawyer in the bunch.  Of course they can get more legal help if they ask for it, but at least one member has suggested they turn the investigation over to the state's top legal eagle, the Attorney General.

For now, witnesses will be called to testify in very public proceedings and the rest of us will be left to ponder whether or not this process is fair, politically motivated, or even in the public interest. In my opinion two things need to happen. The matter needs to be referred out of committee and the whole process of legislators investigating legislators within our state government needs to be re-examined.

That's my perspective.  What's yours?