Dash cam footage shows Vick's arrest

A still image from CPD dash cam video. (Source: CPD)
A still image from CPD dash cam video. (Source: CPD)
State Rep. Ted Vick (Source: Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center)
State Rep. Ted Vick (Source: Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center)

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Newly-released dash cam footage shows the moments when former District 7 candidate and current State House Rep. Ted Vick was arrested on a DUI and weapons charge.

Vick, 39, was charged with speeding, DUI and unlawful carrying of a gun after he was stopped on Devine Street and refused a breathalyzer test.

In the video, the arresting officer pulls out of a parking lot and follows Vick's white pick-up truck for several blocks before initiating a stop. The officer stays in his cruiser for several minutes before getting out to talk to Vick.

A CPD report states Vick was clocked at 44 mph in a 30 mph zone around 1:00 a.m. The reporting officer said the lawmaker's eyes were glazed over and he smelled of alcohol when he approached the car.

When asked if he'd been drinking, Vick told the officer that he "only had a few drinks," according to the report.

The officer spends several minutes talking to Vick before placing him in handcuffs and escorting him to his patrol car.

Several more minutes pass before the officer officially places Vick under arrest and asks him if he'll take a field sobriety test. Vick denies the request and he is read his Miranda rights.

Police said Vick had a female USC student in his car at the time of the arrest. The report indicates Vick and the 21-year-old met at Delaney's Pub and then had drinks at Jake's Bar before he offered to give her a ride to her home on Bluff Road.

Vick was transported to the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center where officers found a Kel-Tec .380 semi-automatic pistol in his pocket, according to the report. Officers said Vick had failed to tell them about the gun. Vick's concealed weapons permit expired in 2007.

The arrest effectively ended Vick's quest for the Democratic nomination for the newly-created District 7. However, he still plans to seek a fifth term in to his State House seat from Chesterfield County.

In a statement the day after the arrest, Vick said after spending time with his family and his pastor, he's decided to end his campaign and "humbly seek re-election to the state House in November."

Vick said he believes the legal system will clear a lot of what happened up, but admits mistakes.

"While I have full confidence that the legal system will clear much of this up, it will not change the fact that I made some serious mistakes that I alone am responsible for," wrote Vick. "I realize that I have caused pain to those who love and support me and it's my responsibility to make this right.

"I very much regret any embarrassment I've caused for my family, friends and supporters," continued Vick. "My family comes first to me and I'm going to spend time with them and consult with my pastor. Politics will have to wait."

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