Perspective: A WIS Editorial - Traffic Signals

Have you ever been frustrated by traffic lights around town that just don't seem to be in sync, backing up traffic and creating bottlenecks at the busiest intersections? You know what I'm talking about. The long line of cars creeps from one red light to the next which is particularly troublesome during peak drive times in the Midlands.

Well, the city of Lexington has taken a bold move to remedy their traffic congestion. Town Hall leaders there are considering a plan to install adaptive traffic signals which are used in major metropolitan areas  throughout  the southeast to help alleviate bottlenecks and keep traffic moving efficiently. In lieu of widening streets, creating bypasses and other more expensive and disruptive measures, Lexington officials may opt for new technology to relieve congestion.

Traffic flow studies and the blessing of State transportation officials must still be obtained,  but  the City of Lexington should be commended for taking innovative steps to improve transportation in their fast-growing community.  And if it works there, let's take a look at it for Columbia as well.

That's my perspective.  What do you think?