Returning soldier's project pick-up truck restored

SSgt. Josh Hair knew something was up when a trip to pick up his old pick-up truck brought out a crowd.

A month ago, Hair returned from an 11-month tour overseas. He was under the impression his 1973 Ford Ranger was in storage. It was actually in the hands of Hair's neighbor, Jerry French, who oversaw an effort to get the Ranger rolling.

On Saturday, Josh got his truck back.

It took thousands of dollars in donations and months of work to send a message.

"We wanted Josh to feel appreciated, and hopefully this will show others although we did this for Josh, that we do appreciate all the service men and women that serve our country," French said.

Hair planned on restoring the truck himself, but two deployments kept him busy.

"I had a feeling someone might've done something to it, ya know? But I had no clue that it would be like that!" Hair said.

Hair, normally a man of few words, couldn't express his gratitude enough.

"Everybody took care of my wife and my youngin' when I was gone, and everybody knows that's one of the hardest things to put behind you is knowing you're not there for them. So I appreciate it. The truck means more than ya'll would ever know and I know that I'm blessed by ya'll, and I appreciate it and I hope I can live up to it," Hair said.

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