Donations from motorcycle group sends cancer patient to Bahamas

A Lexington middle schooler is relaxing in the Bahamas thanks to donations from a Midlands motorcycle group.

Thirteen-year-old Kennedy Branham was diagnosed with a brain tumor in February. Now a South Carolina non-profit is making her wish to swim with the dolphins come true.

Pete Thomas and the members of his Harley Ownership Group were trying to give Branham a proper sendoff in a motorcycle sidecar, but the weather squashed that idea.

Instead, Branham got a police escort, which is still pretty cool.

"Everybody was staring at the car!" Branham said.

Branham was headed to a resort in the Bahamas.

"I don't know anything about it," Branham said of her trip. "I just know they have cool animals and cool waterslides there. I'm excited!"

Branham's support from friends and family has been nothing short of extraordinary.

"It just feels good because they're being so supportive," Branham said. "It's just so much support, everybody helping out. It's cool."

Erin Branham says the trip will give the family a chance to get away and forget -- at least for 4 days. It's a gift Thomas says is easily worth the donations and a little ride through the rain.

"Once you've seen that and been involved with these children, and see what it does for them mentally and emotionally, it's just fantastic," Thomas said. "It's just worth it all."

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