Buy It & Try It: Liquid Lense

(Columbia) May 7, 2004 - On TV, scratched lenses instantly look crystal clear, "Look how easily Liquid Lense fills and seals surface scratches and marks making them disappear."

The TV commercial promises quick results, "Restore your favorite sunglasses to like new condition all in just minutes," at an affordable price, " hundreds of dollars on costly lense replacements."

It sounds great, but that's if it works.

Viewer Diane Dawson contacted News 10, "I felt my hand reaching for the telephone and then my sanity came back and I said I better wait and think about this a while."

Dawson, along with other WIS viewers Kelly Crawford, Barbara Smith and Peggy Adams asked us to buy it so they could try it.

They each brought in glasses. Some had fine scratches while others looked more like gashes. They also tested sunglasses.

Step one was to spray with cleanser and use your finger to rub the solution over the lenses. Rinse and dry them off.

Then you apply Liquid Lense. On TV it looks like instant results, but the directions say the glasses must dry at least 30 minutes and Diane noticed something else, "Liquid Lense is a polymer based formulation, which assist in repairing surface scratches."

On TV they promise more than an assist, "An invisible repair each and every time."

The consensus of the group was you could still easily see the scratches. To be fair, we applied one more coat, but did it make a difference? Again, the answer was no.

What they didn't tell you on TV was in addition to the 30 minute dry time, it takes eight to ten hours to cure completely. It does not work on lenses treated with an anti-glare solution and it may require several applications.

News 10 volunteers also complained that it left a film on the lenses that distorted the view.

By Judi Gatson
Posted 6:37pm by BrettWitt