Wheat field proposal caps off unique love story

There's a love story growing in the wheat fields of Lee County.

"It's just like hanging out with your best friend every day, because I've known him since first grade," Brooke Chewning said.

Back then, Chewning was just a friend --- one of Josh Bradshaw's smarter friends.

"I tried to cheat off her paper, but she had her arms tighter than Fort Knox around the answers, so there was no chance of cheating. Maybe if she would've let me cheat I would've been a little better off in life. Wouldn't be sitting in the middle of a wheat field!" Bradshaw said.

As the years passed, the friendship got a little deeper. In 6th grade, Bradshaw used a beach trip to try to ask Chewning to be his girlfriend --- problem is he wrote it in the sand at low tide.

"I never heard anything about it. Turns out the tide had washed it away, which was a good thing because it probably would've made things awkward," Bradshaw said.

After high school, they both went off to college and lost touch. But it wasn't until October 2010 when the pair happened to both be celebrating USC's win over Alabama in Five Points and happened to walk into the same bar.

"I was waiting in line in another place and I had to use the bathroom, so I went next door, and she was sitting in there and we haven't missed a day since," Bradshaw said.

Two years later, Bradshaw went back to their roots to take the plunge.

"I'm not the romantic type," Bradshaw said. "There's not a flower shop in town, so I couldn't just do that and set up dinner I had to do something else and I love being outside so I said I'll just cut it out in a wheat field."

So with a buddy, a bush hog, and an afternoon Bradshaw carved out his message. He would then find a way to get Chewning up in an airplane thanks to an agreement with a pilot.

Chewning thought she was going up to check the crops, but she came down with a fiance.

Up to this point their relationship seemed storybook -- a series of right place, right time encounters, but the story's not over."

"He's on my speed dial, unlike most preachers," Chewning said. "I call him if I have a bad day. Anything goes wrong, he's the first one I call."

Chewning's lifelong pastor, Rev. Sim Smith, was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was an announcement he made during his last sermon and one Chewning couldn't bear to hear.

"He's always been like a grandfather to me," Chewning said. "I always knew that when I got married he'd be the one to do so."

As a result of Smith's diagnosis, the two are fast-tracking their wedding. Where others take a year to plan, they've got a month.

So Smith will get a chance to see this homegrown relationship take the next step.

"He's told us that everything happens for a reason," Chewning said. "We can clearly see that here."

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