Teen sexual assault victim suing school district

The Fairfield County School District is being sued by the family of a 14-year-old girl who accused three of her fellow classmates of sexually assaulting her in class back in March.

Court documents say the family is suing the school district for gross negligence and common law negligence.

Fairfield County deputies say the girl was inappropriately touched on March 12 while her teacher was outside of the classroom. Court documents say the teacher left the classroom unattended for at least 30 minutes.

Deputies say the three boys approached the girl, who was sitting at her desk, and touched her breasts and other parts of her body from behind.

The boys were later arrested on charges of first degree assault and battery. Two of the three boys entered guilty pleas and were sentenced the to 9 months probation and community service. The third boy did not enter a plea, but was also released on probation.

The teacher in this case was placed on administrative leave with pay.

As for the victim, the court documents say she is now suffering from emotional distress and has even become a "homebound" student after fellow classmates harassed her following the incident.

The girl's family is looking to receive damages from the school district as to be determined by the jury.

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