Brothers save elderly woman calling out for help

Darius and Lewis Hall started life under the same roof. The two brothers are only three years apart. After college, they found themselves together again, but this time as roommates.

"We've had our scrapes and bumps, but we love each other," Darius said. "We're brothers."

The brothers got a chilling wake up call from outside their two-story Columbia apartment last week.

"Every 15 seconds, I could hear, 'Help!' It's like, 'Who could that be?'" Darius said.

"Once we were outside, we couldn't tell where it was coming from at first," Lewis said. "He didn't know where 'help' was coming from -- the yell for help. We eventually came to the water and we still couldn't see her, but we stepped down and she was underneath the bush down here."

The brothers say they found their elderly neighbor, the neighbor they call one sweet lady, in a very bad way. She was laying on her back in the water just below their apartment.

"Once we saw her in the water, my heart started thumping and that's got to be adrenaline, you know?" Darius said.

While it was Darius who jumped into the water, he says he couldn't have done it without Lewis. Because of the rocky terrain, it took the both of them to lift the woman's body up unto the shore.

"I didn't know if she could sit up or what, but I seen her legs and her arms moving. I didn't want to leave her in there, but I didn't know if she had a spinal injury or what," Darius said.

Richland County EMS came to the scene. The guys say the woman has been in the hospital ever since, and they think her body temp was low because of the water.

"Well, we knew her and mom had told me that we were gonna look out for her," Lewis said. "I mean we had to do it. Our mom told us to."

Next, the guys say they plan to visit their neighbor and after that they've got another matter to tend to.

"We hope to end our living together soon because we're two full grown lions and we bump heads," Darius said.

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