Lawmaker wants end to Confederate holiday - - Columbia, South Carolina

Lawmaker wants end to Confederate holiday


While state officials and workers take the day off in observance of Confederate Memorial Day, one state lawmaker has called the holiday "archaic" and says it's time to put it out to pasture.

In a statement, Rep. Boyd Brown blamed the holiday for holding up measures in the House of Representatives and Senate such as a solution to the primary ballot situation.

The Supreme Court kicked 183 candidates off the ballot last week for failing to file a Statement of Economic Interest at the same time as a filing form.

"I'm not suggesting South Carolinians stop celebrating the holiday, but I am asking from this point forward, they observe it in their hearts and minds," Brown said. "State offices should be open today."

Brown, a descendent of Confederate veterans, finished his statement saying, "Unlike some colleagues, I didn't know any Confederate veterans personally, but I am sure they would appreciate us doing the job we were elected to do."

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