Perspective: A WIS Editorial - Candidate Crisis Bill

A quote I read last week said it all …"The State Supreme Court just dropped an A-bomb on the electoral process."  That so-called bomb was an order by the Justices for political parties to remove candidates from the June 12th primary ballot who failed to file the correct paperwork for their candidacy.   Seems that with the electronic filing system currently being used, political parties failed to enforce the paper filing law which is also required.

Over 180 candidates statewide were removed from the ballot, creating a lot of gnashing of teeth and cries of foul play.  Legislation was introduced requesting a reprieve for  candidates to re file,and the Senate Judiciary Committee met Tuesday to debate that bill.  But A last-minute move by Lexington County Senator Jake Knotts killed  the bill, saying that it was important to correct the problems with the current set of laws instead of awarding candidates that he said didn't follow the rules.

Getting knocked off the ballot just five weeks before the election for a technicality seems harsh, but the law is the law, and the State Supreme Court simply enforced the letter of the law.  What we do from here is what's important, as the elimination of these candidates from the ballot seems to unfairly favor incumbents over their challengers.  There will surely be legal action, but I hope there will also be legislation introduced to update the law making it more equitable to all candidates and the filing process less confusing.

That's my perspective, what's yours?