Perspective: A WIS Editorial - Water/Sewer Rates Rising

I guess it doesn't surprise me that Columbia water and sewer rates are being raised.  After all, our infrastructure is in shameful condition and has been crumbling for years.  Problem is, the city has been diverting monies from the sewer and water fund for other projects rather than making the necessary repairs for so long that now the work to be done is massive and expensive and we're  going to pay dearly for it.

But what really aggravates me is that City Council now proposes to raise these and future rates to include the additional cost of two special tax district projects, one at Innovista and one in the Bull Street/north Columbia area.

This is simply outrageous and it's time to stop the madness. We wouldn't be in this dire situation if the city hadn't shamelessly dipped into the water and sewer fund for everything but maintaining our utilities. I know some have said that it's standard operating procedure to use some of those funds for other projects, but not at the expense of crumbling infrastructure. Now they have no choice but to raise rates to fix their mess, but I'll be darned if we the taxpayers should be asked to also guarantee these TIFS.

That's my perspective.  I'd like to know what you think.