Prom brings special needs adults ‘Joy'

CHARLOTTE, NC (WIS) - We're in the midst of prom season, but a prom unlike any other was held north of the Midlands over the weekend.

More than 800 special needs adults spent Friday and Saturday evening at what's called 'Joy Prom' at Carmel Baptist Church in Charlotte. For many of the attendees, it was their first ever prom experience.

The night kicked off with guests walking the red carpet and getting all dolled up. Then they were paired with a host for an evening of dancing and dessert.

Close to 1800 volunteers make the night possible and people come from all over to attend including some from Lancaster, York and Union Counties.

"If Jesus were here among us, He would walk humbly with us. He would hug these people, He would love on these people, and He told us in the scripture that if He has a party, He would have a party for these kind of people. The people that couldn't pay you back," said Jay Hancock, Executive Pastor at Carmel Baptist Church. "I hope that as they leave here tonight they have just an incredible amount of joy and excitement in their life cause I know that's what we will have having had the opportunity to serve them."

This was the sixth year for Joy Prom at Carmel Baptist Church and officials say the planning for next year's prom will begin soon.

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