Film looks at 2000's Confederate flag compromise

Just about every great film is built on conflict. In South Carolina, conflict has a home on the State House lawn in the form of the Confederate flag.

Filmmaker Tom Hall made it his mission to explore the story of what's become one of the state's hallmarks.

"I haven't met one person who doesn't have an opinion on this issue," Hall said.

The compromise that put the flag flying on the State House lawn in 2000 attracted national attention and passionate arguments between folks that wanted to keep the flag atop the State House and those who wanted it taken down.

"There's the emotional side of the debate, and then there's the political side of the debate and the film is more about the political side," Hall said.

Called Compromised, Hall says his film takes a look at the decision to keep the flag flying, and how and why it found a new home.

"The beginning of the film asks why, is it heritage or hate, and that's the argument, what is the real reason we do it. That's the question, and there is a definite answer," Hall said.

Hall will tell you his film does have a message that reflects his personal beliefs, but he says he's approached the subject objectively by relying on professors and historians to lay out the film's thesis.

"I completely understand why people feel the way they feel and aren't willing to give on this issue," Hall said. "It's an issue of strong importance. It's symbolic."

Hall will premiere the movie Wednesday at the old Nickelodeon theater at 8:30 p.m. He says it's a shorter version of the full film that he'll release in a few months.

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