Dept. of Consumer Affairs launches new website

COLUMBIA (WIS)- Doing business in the Palmetto State may be a little easier thanks to a new website from the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs (SCDCA).

The SCDCA recently launched a new site that they say should better help consumers and businesses alike.

Consumer Affairs officials says users can gain quick access to the latest consumer info, scam alerts and background on companies licensed by the SCDCA.

Carri Grube Lybarker, Administrator for the SCDCA, says that unlike the old Consumer Affairs website, some of the most helpful links are right on the home page of the new website.

"Our licensee pages were kind of tucked away into the [old] website," said Lybarker. "They'd have to click on about four links to find out who was licensed with our department, so we wanted to make the licensee listings easily accessible because we want people to background the companies that they're trying to engage for business to buy products or services to make sure that they're licensed."

SCDCA officials say it's also now easier for users to file a complaint online. Officials say they document approximately 6,000 complaints a year. According to the SCDCA, only 20 percent of complaints are currently filed virtually, but officials say they are hoping the new website will help change that.

"We expect that the amount of phone calls will reduce because all of this information is more easily accessible on the website that people can find it without having to contact us directly," said Lybarker.

The SCDCA says the website was four years in the making. Here's a link to the new site:

Officials say they're also working on a new complaint online database that will allow users access to active complaints on South Carolina Companies. Currently consumers can request that information through the office, but the department says that part of the site should be launched mid to late summer.

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