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(National) April 2, 2004 - In the fashion world long, beautiful legs are essential. But you don't have to be a super model to spend a lot of time and energy on your legs.

A new product promises to make them silky smooth. The Conair Hair Removal System claims it's "totally painless" and says its "results last almost two weeks."

Testers like the sound of that, "It takes so long to shave your legs with a razor, things like that. It would be nice to have something that comes quick and lasts longer."

Consumer Reports tested the hair removal system, which costs $60, "It's two spinning discs with very fine sandpaper on them, and they spin in opposite directions and basically sand off the hair and the top layer of skin."

Three staffers tried the Conair system and reported they could feel stubble the very next day, "It misses some spots, and it's very hard to get around the curves."

But, they say the results were nothing compared to what it felt like to use the Conair device, "Within an hour, you start to feel like a stinging sensation, and by the next day my legs were red."

Another says, "My legs burned. My legs started swelling. I had red spots." Conair says users may have to use the device 12 times before your hair and skin adjust, but none of the testers were willing to use the product more than once or twice.

In other tests the magazine found epilators hurt less and produced better results. Testers found the Epilady Discrete Plus 814 easy to use. It sells for less than $40.

by Troubleshooter Judi Gatson

posted 6:00pm by Brett Witt

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