A replacement for the Easter Bunny?

Source: NBC
Source: NBC

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (NBC) - Australian conservationists want to replace the Easter Bunny with an animal that resembles a rabbit, but is indigenous to their country and endangered.

They want to replace the Easter Bunny with the Easter Bilby to bring more attention to the threatened animals.

While they resemble a rabbit, bilbies are actually marsupials with a pouch like a kangaroo, but there are only about 600 remaining in the wild.

Ironically, their habitat is threatened by rabbits, which were introduced to Australia and are considered a pest animal there.

Australian conservationists think the bilby would make a perfect replacement. "The bilby is a beautiful, iconic, native animal that is struggling," said Mike Drinkwater of Wild Life Sydney "It is endangered, so it's important that we do all we can to support that."

Chocolate bilbies are on display in stores across Australia this Easter season.

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