Perspective: A WIS Editorial - Allen University President

Allen University has chosen a new president, and I,  for one, heartily endorse their decision.  Pamela Wilson has been serving as interim president since Charles Young stepped down in august 2010. Young was dismissed for alleged sexual misconduct and harassment, placed on indefinite leave, and ultimately reached a settlement agreement with the University.  Since that time, Ms. Wilson has impressed students and faculty alike with her direct but considerate manner, accessibility, and strategic vision.  But her appointment is not without controversy, with some questioning her credentials and anonymous threats to her personal safety.

But this is one resilient and determined lady. Her road to success was littered with obstacles, setbacks and indignation.  She persevered through it all, and that sense of endurance and opportunity are what she plans to bring to the students of Allen University, empowering them with the confidence that they too can accomplish much in spite of  adversities and lack of skills.

Pamela Wilson is just the tonic that Allen University and our community needs.  A strong black woman, mother and educator instilling a passion for learning in the students of this historical black university.  Welcome aboard, Ms. Wilson.

That's my perspective.  What's yours?