Perspective: A WIS Editorial - Obama Health Care Law

The hottest ticket in America isn't for a rock band or a Vegas show. It's for a seat at the US supreme court hearings on the constitutionality of the Obama health care law. Interested parties have been calling in favors and lobbying for limited access to hear the arguments in this case.  Virtually every American will be affected by the court's decision which is expected sometime in June, and that ruling will continue to be a lightening rod in Obama's re-election campaign.  His GOP opponents promise to repeal the law unless the Supreme Court strikes it down first, but until then, the drama thrives in our nation's highest court.

At issue here is whether or not the government can mandate that every citizen purchase health care insurance or pay a penalty for not doing so.  And Would that penalty then equate to a tax?   These are some of the pressing questions being debated by the justices.  The outcome of their decision will dramatically impact how small business and insurance companies operate in the future, so there are high stakes in this matter.

If the court rules that this law is constitutional, rest assured that the battle won't be over.  As we head into summer with political conventions and the November election date looming, the health care law promises to be a highly charged political football  kicked around in Congress  for some time to come.

That's my perspective, let us hear from you.