Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does it usually take so long these days to make an auto repair?
A: Twenty years ago, just 5,000 pages of technical information were needed to repair vehicles on the road. Today's repairs require more than 1,500,000 pages! And every year some 125,000 new pages are required!

Q: Where do shop owners find the space to store and use that many pages?
A: Obviously, the majority of repair centers do not have the space to store even the technical books of most popular makes of cars. That's why TECH-NET facilities have computer access that can pinpoint even the most minor problem quickly. The database TECH-NET shops have not only contain manufacturer technical specifications, but also over ten years of what we call "street knowledge" from the thousands of technicians who have filed database reports using the system.

Q: What does that mean to me?
A: TECH-NET Professional Auto Service saves time diagnosing your vehicle's problem and you save labor costs when our professionals make the repairs. There is no replacing of unnecessary parts when a TECH-NET Professional solves your problem.

Q: How does "street knowledge" help in making repairs?
A: Technicians who encounter tough problems on the same make and model of a car over a period of years know a vehicle's idiosyncrasies. They also note how they fixed a problem and remember it for the future. TECH-NET locations find out why a problem happens and records it. You'd be surprised how easy some problems are to repair once a technician learns that other technicians have found the same problem. It's as if our technicians have talked over your vehicle's problem with hundreds of other technicians who have worked on the same problem. Only our professionals get their information in a matter of minutes. That's why we say, "The most important tool in the toolbox isn't a screwdriver or a wrench … it's a TECH-NET."

Q: Why doesn't every repair facility use TECH-NET Professional Auto Service?
A: Only qualified shops are selected to represent this unique program to the motoring public.

Q: "I never have a convenient time to be without my car!"
A: There's no need to be a day without a vehicle while yours is being worked on. We'll arrange a rental vehicle for you from Enterprise Cal Rental.

Q: But what is this going to cost me?
A: Not a lot, believe me. You'll rent a vehicle at TECH-NET's low rate.

Q: What if I buy something at a TECH-NET or CARQUEST Store and its defective? Am I stuck on the road with a defective part?
A: We have what we call the CARQUEST Coast-to-Coast Guarantee. As long as the purchased part is still under the manufacturer's warranty, you can return it to any CARQUEST location nationwide, with your proof-of-purchase, and it will be replaced.

Q: Sounds like TECH-NET Professional Auto Service is trying to make auto repairs a pleasant experience.
A: Yes! We're trying to make the whole process efficient and money-saving. Auto repairs may not always be a pleasant experience, but we keep trying to make it an experience you can live with and find useful.