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About InterMedical Hospital of SC
The Midlands' only long-term acute care hospital

Established in 1998, InterMedical Hospital (IMH) of South Carolina is the only long-term acute care hospital (LTACH) in the Midlands and one of four in the state.  Located within Palmetto Baptist Medical Center in Columbia, InterMedical Hospital of South Carolina (IMH) specializes in expert long-term acute care that gives patients the time they need to recover, physicians the opportunity to continue care, and families peace of mind.  In short, we give patients an opportunity to receive the treatment and time they need to get well.  Treatment programs include:  pulmonary/mechanical ventilator weaning, medically complex, complex wound care and rehabilitation.

More about IMH

  • IMH is an efficiently managed 35 bed hospital.  Nurse-to-patient ratio is significantly better than in larger hospitals, thus providing more personalized attention.
  • Patients are admitted to IMH from hospitals in Richland and Lexington counties but also come from hospitals throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, and other Southeastern states.
  • Patients who are clinically stable enough to leave the critical care unit but still require acute care services are candidates for IMH.
  • InterMedical Hospital treats patients who have a complicated illness or condition that requires intense nursing and prolonged hospitalization.

InterMedical is a great place to work:
We emphasize continuity of care by allowing our
staff members to focus their skills in one area.

Here at Intermedical Hospital, because our patients have diverse medical problems, we employ caregivers from various healthcare backgrounds - medical/surgical, critical care, long term care, rehabilitation and other specialties.

Nurses must be graduates of an accredited school of nursing and hold a license to practice in the state of South Carolina.  Our certified nursing assistants have completed educational programs designed to care for our patients.

We offer on-site educational services.  Our extensive orientation is tailored to the needs of the individual.  We continually do skills updating such as telemetry, tracheostomy and mechanical ventilator care, as well as mandatory annual skills review.

Along with the staff needed to deliver patient care, we have employees who provide support services, such as unit secretaries/telemetry technicians, medical records, materials management and business services.

InterMedical's salaries are competitive with other area hospitals and dependent upon the employee's education, previous experience and special skills. Shift differentials are offered for evening, night and weekend shifts. We also offer special higher based salary programs for employees not requiring benefits.

The administrative offices of InterMedical Hospital are located on the 6th floor (619 - 629).  The hospital is located on the 7th Floor (Seven Williams and Seven Long).  You can enter from the Taylor St. parking garage, take elevator "A" to the 7th floor.

InterMedical Hospital of SC
Taylor at Marion Streets
Palmetto Baptist Medical Center
6th Floor
Columbia, SC  29220

Phone - (T. Hooper / Director of Human Resources) 803-296-3126
Fax - 803-296-5037

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