Perspective: A WIS Editorial - SC State Crisis

The SC State University Board met last week to determine their next course of action regarding a successor for president George Cooper who is scheduled to leave at the end of this month.  Alumni and some legislators are calling for quick, decisive action, and are eager to see the results of an internal investigation into financial , legal and personnel issues.    Many are calling for an interim president to be put in place before  Cooper's departure, citing the need to stem the public relations nightmare and angst of alumni, students, faculty and university supporters..

Still others are calling for the whole board to be kicked to the curb with trustee Matthew Richardson commenting that this board has "squandered the trust and confidence of students, faculty, the General assembly and the public" while they burned through seven presidents in 10 years .

The losers in all of this mess are the students, alumni, and faculty of this SC historic black college.  Their reputation has been tarnished, their supporters have been disenfranchised, and their school is in financial and administrative chaos. If the board does not take meaningful action, the legislature could take measures to right this ship and that would further complicate the situation.

I hope the SC State board will man up and show the courage necessary to reestablish integrity to the leadership of this school, even if it means personal sacrifice on their part.

That's my perspective.  I'd love to hear from you.