Perspective: A WIS Editorial - Weather Alert Radios

It's time to get your Midland All Hazards Alert weather radios!

Severe weather awareness week is upon us, and all this week WIS is teaming up with Midlands area Walgreens stores to promote the importance of owning a weather radio.

The Midland WR-100 radio can be programmed to receive weather alerts for just the county where a viewer lives - or for up to 25 counties anywhere in South Carolina. A weather radio can be a life-saving tool. It can wake you up during the night to alert you to approaching tornadoes or other severe storms.

First alert responders and our First Alert weather team will be available to help you program your radios at various Walgreens locations, then on Saturday, March 24, from 10am to 2pm, we will host a Severe weather awareness open house at WIS. We are inviting viewers to WIS to take a tour of the studio and have an opportunity to meet the weather team. You can stop by to talk about the weather with John Farley, Ben Tanner and Von Gaskin, and get your weather radio programmed by firefighters from the Columbia-Richland Fire Department.

So come out and join us for one of these events and prepare yourself for safety as we head into severe spring weather.