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Witnesses say woman intentionally ran over children


Police say a woman became angry near a school bus stop and took off in her car running over five children.

The incident happened Friday at Base Drive and Executive Park.

Megan Walker was arrested for aggravated assault and eluding a police office.

"She was in rage. She just put the gas all the way down and would not stop," Latisha Mitchell says.

Mitchell was picking her three children up from the bus stop when she says a fight broke out between a family member and another parent.

Mitchell says she began walking back toward her house when Walker came out of nowhere and slammed into her children.

"I would have preferred her to hit me and not them. I tried pushing them out of the way, but I couldn't," Mitchell says.

She says most of the children just had bruises...but one has a broken leg.

"They were crying. I ran over to them and then down the street to alert police," Mitchell says

Police say Walker fled from the scene, but came back when she saw police.

"I know this was intentional. The way she was driving...it was obvious. She was trying to hit them," Mitchell said.

Walker is in the Chatham County Detention Center where the Mitchell family hopes she'll stay.

Walker's sister says she is innocent and that it was an accident.

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