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Military jets flying over Midlands raise questions

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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Many of our WIS viewers contacted the newsroom concerned about a loud noise near Columbia Sunday night.

The Federal Aviation Administration tells us the sound was from two military jets flying over the Midlands.

Neighbors describe the powerful sound as a big boom.

Richard Tinneny and his wife Lee have been living in their Northeast Columbia neighborhood for 22 years.

"We've never heard anything like this," said Richard.

Richard's quiet evening came to a screeching halt Sunday after he and his wife heard two military jets roaring through their neighborhood.

"I was amazed; astonished literally," Richard added.

Richard's wife Lee was sitting by the window when she heard the noise.

"It just kept roaring, roaring and to me it was coming closer," said Lee. "I thought it was coming in. I thought it was just going. I envisioned it just coming and sliding across and taking this house and everything with it."

The Tinneny's neighbor Stephen Johnson says he didn't see the jets either, but heard its powerful presence.

"We knew it wasn't a tornado because it wasn't bad weather, but we just assumed it must have been a plane," said Stephen. "It just got so loud and we wondered is this a plane on its way down, is it going to make it."

The Federal Aviation Administration says the jets were flying safely and legally on a routine military exercise, but neighbors say the noise was just too close and too loud.

"I think the public needs to be more informed," said neighbor William Alford. "I understand the military has to do things we don't need to know about, but when something like that happens we need to be informed."

Officials from Shaw Air Force base and McEntire and both say it wasn't their jets.

We're waiting to hear back from the FAA to find out where the jets came from and where they were going.

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