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27-pound lobster caught in Atlantic Ocean

Source: CNN/WMTW Source: CNN/WMTW

WEST BOOTHBAY HARBOR, ME (CNN/WMTW) - It could be the biggest lobster you've ever seen.

Not much smaller than a toddler, the lobster, which right now is living inside the Maine State Aquarium, weighs a whopping 27 pounds!

Aquarium officials say the marine patrol delivered the giant lobster after a shrimp trawler dragged it up last week about five miles off of Port Clyde.

If you are wondering how old the lobster is, so are the experts. It seems there is no exact science for telling the age of it.

"We can estimate based on how often we could expect them to molt and how large of an increase after they do molt but it's speculation," Department of Marine Resources biologist Carl Wilson told WMTW.

Plans are to eventually release the lobster back into the ocean.

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