Perspective: A WIS Editorial - Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary

This year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts of America.  But did you know that the first meeting of the American Girl Guides was assembled in Savannah in March 1912?  The following year, the group changed its name to the Girl Scouts, modeled after the American version of the Boy Scouts youth movement.

Juliette Gordon Low was the founder and inspiration of the Girl Scout organization,  inspired by her own personal experience to encourage young women to become competent, self-confident, civic minded citizens.  Born to a privileged family of Savannah, groomed in a New York finishing school, and wed to a philandering, exceedingly wealthy Brit, Ms. Low made it her life's mission to, "proclaim the nationwide destiny of the Girl Scouts while reinforcing the message of their civic goals."

As a former Girl Scout and recipient of the Women of Distinction Award granted by the Girl Scouts of South Carolina – Mountains to Midlands chapter, I invite you to help us celebrate the Year of the Girl.  In recognition of this centennial year, please join us at the State House Thursday, February 23 at 9:30am to learn more about the ToGetHerThere initiative designed to help girls reach their leadership potential.

Happy 100th!   You go girls.

That's my perspective