Buy It and Try It: Paper towels

(National) March 5, 2004 - For decades, Bounty's TV commercials have boasted about its strength.

More recently, bowling balls have replaced the coffee cup to test strength.

To check the bowling ball claim, Consumer Reports' Leslie Ware ventured outside the testing laboratory to a nearby bowling alley.

Back at the lab, testers prepared the same test shown in the commercial. They pitted Bounty against a Brawny paper towel, the Pure White with Scrubbing Circles. They chose Brawny because it's the leading two-ply competitor to Bounty. Just as in the commercial, testers put two sheets of each towel into a hoop. Then Joan Muratore poured a measured amount of water over the bowling ball.

The Brawny towel struck out right away.

Next it was Bounty's turn to face the bowling ball. This time Joan was able to pour on all the water and the Bounty towels held, "It looks dubious on the ad so you wonder if it's really true. But we found it is true. Bounty will hold up the bowling ball and Brawny wouldn't. But you have to wonder how often you're going to use a paper towel to hold up a bowling ball."

Still, Consumer Reports applauds a commercial whose claim holds water.

Reported by Judi Gatson
Posted 5:45pm by BrettWitt