COPY-Winthrop SC poll: US headed in wrong direction - - Columbia, South Carolina

COPY-Winthrop SC poll: US headed in wrong direction

ROCK HILL, S.C. (AP) - A Winthrop University poll finds 59% of South Carolinians think the nation is heading in the wrong direction and 46% think their state is also on the wrong path.

Results of the Winthrop Poll released Wednesday show residents believe the most important issues facing the country and the state are the economy, jobs and the budget deficit.

The survey found respondents split equally on whether economic conditions in the country are getting worse or getting better, with both groups at 45.8%. Eight percent say they aren't sure.

The poll also found that 23% of respondents have worried about running out of food before they could afford more.

The poll surveyed 878 adults by phone between Jan. 29 to Feb. 6.

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