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Dawndy's "Zero to 5K" running plan

Hi everyone. Welcome to my Zero to 5K Running Plan. Don't leave this page yet! I know running can be overwhelming for a lot of people, so I'm going to make this an easy, very doable plan. A new marathon, half-marathon and 10K race were held in the Capital City on March 10th. A marathon may be impossible for you now, but how about a mile? As most of you know, running is my passion. I absolutely love the health benefits, camaraderie with fellow runners and, of course, the "endorphin high."

I'd love for you to catch the running fever. So, I have created a running schedule for my executive producer who would like to become a runner. We're posting it here on our website so you can follow along, as well. Each week, I'll give you a new assignment. Wait. Don't look at it as an assignment. It's an adventure! Take a nice and easy, slow pace. As the schedule shows, do each week three to four times that week. 

Before long, you could be in it for the long haul. There's a wonderful road ahead if you'll stick with the plan. Make sure you have a new pair of running shoes. Very important! 

See you on the road!


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Click here to view and print Dawndy's "Zero to 5K" training plan. More>>

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