BLOG: Homeless. Not Hopeless.

As close as I am to this story with living the life of an OGM resident, I could never have a truly authentic experience. I can be dropped off in downtown Columbia with only the clothes on back and my identification card, change my appearance, but I know there's an end to my days on the streets. These men don't know. There's a question mark there. It could turn around. It may not. And that's frightening. Especially for those who wake up at OGM and put on a tie. Jeremy, a social worker here, says they have about 2 months to get these men back in the workforce. After that, the chances of them becoming chronically homeless increases significantly. 2 months isn't a long time.

The unknown is a scary thought in these circumstances. Places like OGM at least offer a piece of hope.

(Not to sound like a spokesperson for the mission, but if you've ever donated here, you are offering hope to men who need it most. OGM gets no federal/state money. 100% funded by community donations. 75% comes from individuals. Some good hearts around here.)  BH