BLOG: "It's Chicken Day"

Walking from Oliver GM on Taylor to Washington St. UMC for lunch at the soup kitchen. I check out the sheet of paper given to me by shelter workers and realize I'm showing up for lunch at the end of the time window. They stop serving at noon and it's 11:50. I'm around the corner when a man walking my way with a plate full of food yells "It's chicken day!" He's saying it to a woman nearby. The fact that it's "chicken day" fills both of their faces with happiness. I get there and stand in line wondering if I'm taking someone's plate who really needs it. Standing in line the soup kitchen volunteer starts asking if anyone's new. Of course I'm new since I've only been homeless for 3 hours. I don't say a word. I couldn't bring myself to take someone else's food. They took the next 7 people and shut down the line. I take the opportunity to use the restroom in the church's facilities not knowing when I'll have the next opportunity. Something I didn't think about before setting out. Where do you use the restroom if you have no home and no money?

So, I walk out with no chicken plate knowing I won't be able to eat again until dinner at OGM at 5pm. I'm not that hungry anyway. Must be the fact that I'm thinking about what to do next. Boredom, at least from my perspective, is a big part of a homeless life. At least being "newly homeless." It's hard for me to know if boredom is a reality for others who are homeless. OGM staffers tell me for the large part it is not. Apparently when your spirit is crushed "wasting time" isn't such a bad thing. BH