Perspective: A WIS Editorial - Law Enforcement

As Aiken mourns the loss of a second police officer in five weeks, I'd like to recognize in this editorial the sacrifice that our law enforcement members make each and every day to keep our communities safe.

Police Master Corporal Sandy Rogers was gunned down in broad daylight on routine patrol in Eustis Park.  Aiken DPS faced a similar tragedy when Officer Scotty Richardson was senselessly shot and killed before Christmas during a routine traffic stop .  Both lives were cut needlessly short in the line of duty protecting the citizens they serve.

This week WIS News 10 takes you behind the scenes with Richland County Sheriff Department's Fugitive Task Force, a group of about 9 guys who hunt down fugitives, and show you a few of the dangerous tasks they perform in pursuit of our most wanted criminal suspects.

We take so much of this service for granted, but as citizens of this beautiful Midlands community, I urge you to honor and show your support for all law enforcement officers as they risk their lives daily  to safeguard ours.

That's my perspective.