USC seismograph records seismic event in S. Congaree - - Columbia, South Carolina

USC seismograph records seismic event in S. Congaree

SOUTH CONGAREE, SC (WIS) - In a quiet little town like South Congaree, when something happens, everybody knows about it.

Even if they don't exactly know what it was.

"People are curious," said Betty Fairbanks, a resident. "We'd like to know what went on what it was."

The incident happened Sunday morning around 8:00am when the sleepy town was shaken out of bed by some kind of loud boom.

"At first we thought a big tree limb had fallen on the house," said Fairbanks. "It shook the house."

Police Chief Jason Amodio says calls came in from a 4 mile radius, but no reports of damage or injury. But, most importantly, no cause.

"We've talked to several people about it we even called the Cayce quarry, but there's no indication of any kind of quarrying going on that time of day or that would even be loud enough to be heard in the town if it was," said Amodio.

Some think a sonic boom from a passing jet might've done it, although Shaw Air Force Base doesn't have weekend flights and the FAA has no record of any military operation in the area Sunday morning.

"We've lived here by the airport for 30 years and it was no airplane," said Fairbanks.

University of South Carolina seismometers did record a small seismic event in the area around 8:00 a.m. Sunday. Seismologists can't say for absolute certainty what the event was, but they are certain it was not a sonic boom.

Barring a meth lab or jet, there's the possibility of a meteorite or a piece of space junk crashing through the atmosphere. However, that's just another theory in a town full of questions.   

"If we could determine what it was to put everyone's mind at ease, that'd be great," said Amodio.

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