WIS Job Link Benefits - Job Seeker Tour

Welcome to WIS Job Link. Job Link offers a variety of job seeker tools to help you find your next dream job.

The first step is to build a job seeker profile that includes your resume.  Click on the "New User" icon located on the Job Link home page to get started. Begin setting up your profile by filling out your name, email address, and password. All categories that have an asterisk must be filled out in order to continue. You have the choice to simply cut and paste your resume into your profile or we will help you build the perfect resume step by step. You can also sign up to receive our weekly job news updates from Job Link. This will give you detailed information on topics from market trends to resume and interviewing tips. Click on the "Continue" button to proceed with building your profile.

The next page consists of filling out your address, desired salary, and privacy information. You have the choice of allowing employers to see your contact information or just allowing them to see your resume and application.

Next, give us your work history, education level, and skill set. List detailed information with these categories. This will allow employers to see your qualifications and what will make you a great employee!

Once you have finished your profile setup, click on the save button and your account has been completed. You can now login to Job Link at anytime. Here are just a few of the great benefits you now have with your Job Link account:

  • Apply for any job online.
  • Track jobs you have applied for and include notes specific to that job.
  • With our new Job Cart feature you can apply to several jobs at the same time.
  • Use our optional Online Job Application to apply for a job.
  • Resume View Tracking allows you to see how many times a recruiter has viewed your resume.
  • Create multiple Cover Letters and Resumes .
  • Save jobs to your saved folder.
  • Setup job alerts to notify you when jobs have been added to the database that meet your criteria.

Count on WIS Job Link to help you find your next dream job.