Perspective: A WIS Editorial - Voting Rights

I was struck last week by the convergence of events that demonstrate and celebrate the freedoms we enjoy in this country.  The South Carolina primary, a barrage of political ads and two debates demonstrate our nation's election process,  while at the same time, the controversy surrounding SC's  Voter ID law sparked debate during the celebration of Martin Luther King Day events. It's hard to believe that nearly 50 years after MLK's " I have a Dream speech," we are still discussing voters rights, voter fraud and voting discrimination.

After witnessing last year's Arab spring revolts and the passion other global citizens  have for a more democratic process, it's embarrassing to admit the small percentage of our nation's eligible voters who exercise their right to vote.  While others are willing to fight and even die for their freedoms, we often take them for granted.

Politics in our nation seem particularly divisive right now, but at least we have the freedom to disagree  and voice our dissent.  We've got a long way to go until the general election this Fall, but I hope you get fired up, engaged and vote your preference in this year's election process.  If you don't,  you have no excuse to complain about the outcome.