SC senator urges Perry to quit race

BERKELY, SC (WIS) - South Carolina Senator Larry Grooms withdrew his support for Governor Rick Perry Monday and urged him to withdraw his candidacy for President of the United States.

"I was there when Governor Perry made his announcement in Charleston and had tremendously high hopes for a Perry Presidency," said Grooms. "I still believe he would be a great national leader, but campaigns are tough and early mistakes and missed opportunities have taken their toll. Now is the time to get out and pass the baton to another leader that can take the message to the next level."

"With only days to go before the South Carolina Primary, it is apparent that Governor Perry cannot win and has no viable strategy in moving forward," continued Grooms. "Remaining in the race at this point only serves to steer votes away from viable candidates."

Grooms said that it is time for the party to support a single candidate.

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