Ron Paul meets with supporters at airport hangar - - Columbia, South Carolina

Ron Paul meets with supporters at airport hangar

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Rep. Ron Paul started his Couth Carolina primary campaign in the capital city.

The Texas congressman finished second in New Hampshire's primary and hopes to carry some of that momentum into the Palmetto State.

Paul's fans packed the hangar at Eagle Aviation to get a glimpse of the man they say is the only one for the job.

"He's not going to pander to anyone, he goes up there and tells it like it is and Americans, that's what we love about him," said Dennis Hardy.

What they love about Paul has kept him from being seriously considered by most voters in years past. But Paul says not this time.

"I always talk about the tireless irate minority that leads the charge, but we're not so small, we're marching on," said Paul. "They grew exponentially in New Hampshire and they're going to continue to grow here in South Carolina." 

Paul says Americans are just too fed up with the status quo, and that the Constitution is all the country needs to right itself.

"South Carolinians are like most people in this country they love freedom, once they hear the message they say that sounds great, I just wish they had the opportunity a long time ago," said Paul. 

Paul's supporters echoed that. They also say Paul is the only candidate they can trust.

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