COPY-Dorchester home invasion captured on victim's cell phone

Authorities released a 911 recording Tuesday of a woman who was able to capture a home invasion in progress on her cell phone at her Eagle Drive home in Ridgeville last month.

In the 911 recording, one of the victims, Kimberly Haas, says "help me" in the beginning of the call and quickly hides the phone from the two suspects armed with a gun.

Later in the call, the suspects can be heard questioning the two victims who are heard crying.

[Listen to the excerpts of the 911 audio call here]

Dorchester County sheriff's deputies responded to the home after the 911 dispatcher heard the woman's voice in the background calling for help.

When deputies arrived at the home they found two women who said that two men "busted" into the home and pointed a gun at one of the victim's heads demanding money. According to investigators, both women were forced to the ground and ordered to stay down while the suspects searched the home.

Kimberly Haas thought it was someone she knew who was pulling a prank.

"He walked over to me, put the gun to my head and told me to lay down again," Haas recalled. "And I knocked him away, telling him to quit messing with me, still thinking it was a friend messing with me. I looked at him again and realized it wasn't who I thought it was."

Haas said the gunman then ordered her into the bedroom. She saw her cellphone on the bed. Haas quickly dialed 911 and threw the phone under a blanket.

"Asked me to get out of the room and that's when I quick bent over, 'help me', walked out and just prayed it went through," Haas said.

The call did go through and deputies got to the house, but the suspects were already gone.

Authorities describe both suspects as black males between the ages of 20 and 30 years old. The first suspect is described as 6'0" with a slender build. The second suspect is about 5'8" and also has a slender build.

The sheriff's office is continuing the investigation.

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