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American Pickers could head to SC

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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A hit reality show is set to visit the Palmetto State in a few weeks and the show's two stars are looking for one thing: junk.

Well, according to Frank and Mike, the stars of the show, junk isn't exactly junk. It's priceless Americana.

Of course, we're talking about American Pickers.

The producer of the show sent out emails to Chambers of Commerce across the state asking for references on private collectors.

Susan Yenner did some digging in Fairfield County and came up with six people who fit the bill.

Bob Ford of Winnsboro is a mastermind behind an array of eclectic contraptions. He's already been contacted by producers to be he's in the running on the show. 

If Bob is selected, he says it won't be a free for all. He says there are some things he won't let go of like a hand-made artistic car.

The producer says they're looking not just for eclectic things, they're trying to find eclectic people. If that's the case Bob Ford might just get picked.

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