Deputy on loss of K-9 partner: "This hurts. We're a team."

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - "This sucks, man. This hurts. We're a team."

That's Deputy Warren Cavanagh. Just weeks ago, his K-9 partner Fargo was shot dead pursuing a suspect.

To say it's been tough for Cavanagh to cope with the loss of his partner would be an understatement -- especially for such a team Cavanagh says worked like a well-oiled machine.

"When we're getting close to catching somebody, he knew what I was going to do, I knew what he was going to do."

Cavanagh recalled the hectic moments from several weeks ago where Fargo chased his last suspect.

"He took three point-blank, .40-caliber shots to his back through and through," said Cavanagh. "I don't know any of us right now that would've taken that. He walked into the emergency vet, I didn't have to carry him. He stood strong for an hour. Lung collapsed, torso filled with blood from the wounds. He stood there."

At the funeral, Cavanagh choked back tears. His daughter by his side.

"Fargo went home with me, so he just wasn't a part of work, he was also a part of my family," said Cavanagh. "My wife, my daughter, not only the pain that I've gone through, but I've had to be strong for the pain they've been through."

Cavanagh did all that while dealing with his own pain of losing his partner and friend.

"Everything has kind of been uprooted," said Cavanagh. "I feel a lot of confusion. I don't feel I have a place right now without a dog."

But life goes on. And so does police work. Cavanaugh's getting a new K-9 partner on Monday. He hopes it will be therapeutic so he can continue to work and serve the community.

After all, that's probably what Fargo would have wanted.

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