Woman caught on camera inside Five Points bar stealing from purses

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A YouTube video of a young woman stealing inside of a Five Points bar is going viral.

The video shows a young woman shuffling through purses in the midst of dancing and drinking beer.

When night falls over the Pour House, the lights go up and the dancing begins. But Friday, the owner says there was a wallflower in the bar that he doesn't recognize, who stole more than some guy's attention.

"It looked like she spent about five minutes rummaging through people's stuff, till she found something she wanted, tucked it into her jacket, and left," said Bobby Brown, the owner of Pour House Bar.

"What this young woman may not have known was that from the second she walked into this bar, she was on camera," Brown added.

Even when the woman got settled in, the camera was still able to pick up a good picture of her.

Brown says the video showed the woman turning away guys while she's stealing stuff.

Columbia Police are investigating, after they received a report of a missing iPhone and camera.

Police have requested that the bar turn over a copy of the video which also shows the young woman taking a dance and beer break.

"Put it on YouTube, put it on Facebook," said Brown. "It's got hundreds of views and loads of comments, nobody recognizes the girl yet, unfortunately."

And if she is the culprit, the owner of the bar says she could be getting looks for other reasons.

Bobby says if the woman shows up to the bar again, he will probably call the police.

Brown added that he has been in touch with an investigator and plans on turning the video over to Columbia Police.

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