Perspective: A WIS Editorial -- Sports Rivalry

Tis the season -- football bowl season, that is, and nothing says rivalry better than my bowl is better than your bowl!  Both Clemson and USC are headed to a post season bowl game, Clemson to the Orange Bowl, and USC to the Capital One bowl.  we are proud of both teams for their successful 2011 seasons and congratulate Clemson on winning the ACC title.  However, the recent flap over unflattering remarks  mistakenly attributed to Coach Spurrier about Clemson has set a tone of unsportsmanlike conduct in my opinion.

Coach Swinney got pretty fired up about comments  he thought Spurrier had made about Clemson.  Problem was, Coach Spurrier never said such things….they were the words of Todd Ellis, Gamecock play-by-play man.  Nevertheless, Swinney didn't bother to verify who said what, and Spurrier never bothered to deny he said such things.  Then they each said they thought the other should have called to apologize or clarify the situation…and now we have a standoff.  All this just fires up the rivalry over which team is officially "South Carolina's Team".    Its good fun for fans and the press,  But is it good sportsmanship?  In my opinion, both coaches should represent our state and their teams with grace, goodwill and class.  Is this much ado about nothing or just good ole competitive spirit?  You decide.

That's my perspective.  And I'm sure I'll hear from you