CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Deer breaks into TX apartment

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV)- We've all heard the saying 'a deer in headlights,' but how about a deer in an apartment? Yes, an apartment.

A construction worker in Longview, TX on Thursday captured video of a deer caught inside of an apartment after it had crashed through a glass window.

The deer landed inside a bedroom that was being used as a storage room. "We were glad the resident actually had the bedroom door closed," said Shana Jones, Regency Park Apartment Homes property manager. "That way the deer couldn't get into the rest of her apartment and do anymore damage."

After clearing the glass from around the window frame, the construction crew worked to coax the deer out of the building.

One of the workers whistled to the confused deer like it was a dog and it eventually jumped back out through the window.

As surprising as this video may be, residents say they see deer on the property all the time, but never inside the apartment buildings.

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