Perspective: A WIS Editorial - Housing Trust Fund

Many working families in our community struggle to find affordable, quality housing.   Difficulties securing and maintaining a safe, sound and cost effective home only magnify the strain on families struggling financially.   Now one local organization is stepping up to help.    United Way of the Midlands  announced the creation of the midlands housing trust fund,  designed  to preserve and increase the stock of quality, affordable housing in the region through financing, technical assistance and advocacy.  This private-public funding mechanism will serve people having difficulty finding suitable housing, including low and moderate income earners.

When announcing the Fund's establishment, Mac Bennett, President and CEO of United Way of the Midlands, stated  that stable housing  is critical to strong communities and that the United Way is thrilled to support this local housing trust.  Many traditional funding opportunities have disappeared in this economy for a large segment of our population, and this Trust fund is designed to offer alternative solutions.

Recently United Way met with community leaders and elected officials to explore other housing trust funds throughout the state, and discuss how our local version can follow their successful example to help meet our community's housing needs.

That's a good thing, in my perspective.  What do you think?