Humpback whale spotted near Carolina coast

OAK ISLAND, NC (WECT) - A man who was out on his boat for quite possibly the last time, saw something that is rarely seen off the Southeastern North Carolina coast, a humpback whale.

Jerry Whitman, his wife and kids were on a boat on Thanksgiving weekend off the coast of Oak Island when they captured video and pictures of a humpback whale. The trip on the water was already meant to be memorable as Whitman said it could be his last.

He has a terminal disease and said one of his best friends and his adult children came to town to go out on the water with their best friend and dad.

"This was kind of a last hurrah. I didn't expect to get out on the boat again," he said. "As were out there on this last hurrah boat trip to see this happen it was just pretty special."

Jennifer Metzler-Fiorino, The education curator from the North Carolina Aquarium in Fort Fisher thought his experience was pretty special too.

"It's an amazing memory for him and his family and something they're going to share forever and ever," she said.

Metzler-Fiorino said adult humpbacks get to about 50 feet long. Whitman said the whale he saw was about 30 feet long.

He said he's been boating for a long time.

"Anything that has to do with the ocean or coast or the water I absolutely love," he said.

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