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Lexington votes to allow Sunday beer and wine sales

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LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - Residents of the Town of Lexington will soon be able to purchase beer and wine on Sundays after a vote on Tuesday settled the controversial issue that has neighbors divided.

1,010 people voted in favor of Lexington's beer and wine sale referendum according to the city, and 367 people voted against it. However, the referendum still requires two readings by the town council and won't go into effect until sometime early next year.

Some people like Willie Wynn see no problem with the sale of beer and wine on Sunday.
"I'm not much of a beer and wine drinker, but somebody is and if there are going to drink it and they are going to buy it someplace so why not get the revenues from it," said Wynn.

Other voters said they don't see why it's needed. "Sunday is the day for the Lord, and I just think if you want to do it at your home that's okay, but if you want to do it out in the public or whatever, it shouldn't be on Sunday," said Susan Matthews. 

Mayor randy Halfacre says he doesn't feel strongly one way or another on the issue, but said he does understand that for some folks it's just a matter of convenience.

"A lot of time, quite frankly, people shop on Sunday for their groceries," said Halfacre. "They want to have the opportunity to buy their beer and wine at the same time."

"If the restaurants can sell it in Sunday, why can't the retailers sell it?" said convenience store owner Frank Aattarwala.

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