Columbia Int'l students hope to read the Bible in 96 hours

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - There are probably many of you out there who have read the Bible cover-to-cover, but have you ever tried to read it in one sitting?

Students at Columbia International University are trying just that. In fact, they hope to complete this feat in 96 hours.

It's estimated there's more than 31,000 verses in the Bible, but student Senate President Jason Harms is not intimidated.

"Last Tuesday in our Chapel I said, 'Raise your hand if any of you have ever read through the Bible in one week,' and obviously no one raised their hand," said Harms.

The entire campus should be able to raise a hand come Friday. Students say the four-day Bible-reading is meant to observe the authority that scripture has over each person.

"We go to this university so we can master the Bible, but something we are striving toward all the more is having the Bible master us," said Harms.

More than 300 students signed up to help read the Bible in 15 minute increments.

"We believe that we're not just reading it, we're trying to hear it and be doers of the Word as well," said Harms "That's really what we desire to see."

Rain or shine, students are staked out in the center of campus committed to reading to a crowd or to empty chairs.

"We've been promised that the Word does not return void," said student Israel Merkel. "It may be the person passing by who hears it or maybe the reader himself, but God's Word is active."

Students say they recognize those who are present for the reading have most likely already read the Bible, but they truly believe this exercise will reach beyond campus grounds.

"The things they hear, it will go with them to the coffee shop, it will go with them when they go to work and when they go outside of this place. That's when the world will get the effect of being done here," said Harms.

Students say the plan to be finished reading around 5:00pm on Friday and they are already planning a celebration for when the last word is read.