Perspective: A WIS Editorial - Stop Cursive Writing

A friend of mine called me the other day and said he had just heard the most ridiculous thing on the news.....that schools are considering dropping cursive writing from their mandatory curriculums but will require keyboard proficiency.  Hawaii and Indiana have recently adopted the Common Core State Standard which includes an initiative to phase out cursive writing. 44 states have adopted the guidelines since this set of standards was introduced two years ago.

Schools in states that have embraced this curriculum will now teach cursive at the principal's discretion . many educators believe there are still good reasons to teach the skill saying that it helps develop children's ability to read and process information.  Proponents of eliminating cursive  say it's an archaic skill that we won't need in the digital age.

Well, last time I checked, every document I sign requires a signature, and the letter X is not a valid signature.  I cherish a handwritten letter, but I have to admit I don't get many of them anymore.  But what's next?  Stop teaching math because we can do it all through computers and calculators?  Stop teaching spelling because we have spell check?  I believe we need to continue to teach the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic as fundamental educational skill sets that we will need to function in the real world.  Not the virtual world...the real world.  Clerks that can't make change without the register telling them what to give you, people who can't balance their checkbook because they simply check their balance online....these are just indications of our over-reliance on machines to perform functions our brains should be doing.

I think i'll go write a letter to someone and practice the lost art of cursive writing.  That's my perspective.  Let me hear from you.